Musical Theatre

Michael worked at the Guildford School of Acting for seven years, where he worked with West End stars, stars to be and some of the West End’s best singing teachers.

In his coaching for Actor-Singers, Michael brings to bear the many powerful and varied techniques, both with vocal technique and acting approaches that he absorbed there, as well as real insider information about what the West End’s most powerful producers and casting directors are really looking for in auditions.

Malcolm Ward, Professional Actor

Malcolm Ward, Professional Actor

“I’ve been an actor for 35 years and Michael is the best singing coach I’ve ever had. He is clear and knowledgeable, with a talent for demystifying the workings of the voice which gives you confidence you’ll get there eventually. He is also patient (he has to be!), good humoured and fun to work with and I unhesitatingly recommend him.”





It also means for those aspiring to get into Drama School that he has an insider’s view of what the audition panels at Drama Schools are looking for.

Michael also  taught music theatre singing at the Guildford School of Acting Saturday School for two years, giving him a great opportunity to hone his craft when it comes to helping students get confident and find power and resonance in their voices. He now teaches privately in North London and the West End.



Christopher Lew Kum Hoi, Professional Actor (GSA graduate)

I could not recommend Michael Veazey more! His calm and highly professional approach not only deals with singing and the musicality of songs but he also applies his great knowledge on the physiology of voice production on you as an individual. This really helped me improve my singing technique and enabled me to create a more impressive and safely produced sound. He has the wonderful ability to create a safe working environment in which you feel comfortable to make mistakes and explore your voice. The class also felt like it was catered uniquely for me. Across all ages and abilities, I thoroughly recommend him!”






Michael offers the following help:

– Bring the text to life with techniques such as “Actioning”, physicalising or visualising precisely – these bring any performance to life at elite professional level

-Cleaning up the pitching and rhythms etc. for an audition or masterclass or important singing lesson – so you have complete confidence that you are on pitch and swinging in rhythm!

-Finding the style for each genre – a warm “legit” sound (so often required for Drama School or theatre auditions); a clean contemporary sound – be absolutely on style and really win your audience over!

-how to find extra resonance and power without straining your voice – in all styles

-how to develop an easy higher register – it’s not uncommon to add a fifth to your upper range!

-How to prepare step-by-step to really hit the mark in hyper-competitive West End auditions (there are about 10 steps – and some of them are not what you think!)

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